about us

We bring ideas to life by combining our passion with your purpose.

Who We Are

Two community advocates engulfed with a passion to leverage organizations through business consulting.

What We Do

We offer businesses development assistance and optimized funding options.

Our Process

Your journey is tailored to simplify your solution while educating you in the start of development.



Our Philosophy

moving forward

We Wr;te is commited to educating minority owned businesses on proper business protocol. We will abridge resources that support and encourage business growth, economic growth and community development.


"Never start a business to make money, start a business to make a difference".

To be Successful,

You Must Trust the


We understand that running a business is very complex. We also know that when being a business owner, time moves extremely fast! These are challenges many business owners face on their journey.

At We Wr;te, we are here to help make your journey as pain free as possible. Our services are in place to ensure your foundation is strong enough to overcome any obstacle you may face. To be successful you must trust the process.

Our Perks


Our simplified process of identifying your organizations unique need is fast and thorough.


We aim to, educate, identify, adapt, and adhere, mobilize, reflect and repeat. Throughout the journey of your business blueprint, We Wr;the commits to staying consistent in our strategy so you can focus on impacting the people.


We ensure your confidential information is not received by any 3rd parties. Your business is our business!


We are a grassroots company, born and bred here in Ohio. Our network of lenders, our extensive experience, and partnerships combine to give us a platform to not only advocate for your success, but to help develop it.

Be Addicted

To Bettering Yourself

moving forward

Our clients are put in a position to move forward in their business journey after working with us.

best experience

Our track record will give you peace of mind knowing you are getting the best experience with key elements of business.




Can I Get a Grant to Start my Business?

Generally, grants are awarded to non-profit organizations, intended to impact the community. However, the possibilities are endless with We Wr;te. Schedule a consultation and lets talk.

Can You Help My Company Grow?

Absolutely! While we're unable to guarantee specific results, our services will align your business with success, as we provide the essential services that every business should have.

Do You Offer Tax Planning Services?

Yes. Tax preparation is a component of business that is a must for all businesses. We assist with tax preparation to give you a peace of mind knowing someone is taking the heavy load off yourselves.

Where Are You Located?

Our office is located at 20 S 3rd Suite 206
Columbus, OH 43215

I Have Other Questions How Can I Contact You?

If you have any additional questions, please contact us by filling out our form or by calling us at 614-421-7305. Additionally, you can email us at whywewriteinfo@gmail.com


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