Please check out some of the most asked questions we receive below to see if it helps. If your question is not listed below, please contact us by filling out our form.

I'm looking to start my business, how can you help?

We are happy to help you with the the essential needs to get your business started. At We Wr;te, we offer a 30 minute consultation to identify your needs. During our consultation, we will offer a sound solution catered to your business.

I need assistance in receiving funds for my business, but I'm afraid my business is too new. Would I still be able to receive funds?

We have worked with businesses of all kinds, no matter where in the journey they're at. In fact, we've helped obtain over 2 million dollars for the small businesses we've helped. We recommend you schedule a consultation with us so we can identify your needs to provide a sound solution.

I'm unsure of how my business should be formed. Can you help me make the right choice?

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How long does your process take?

Depending on your service, our tasks may take anywhere from two to 12 weeks for completion.

Do you offer continuous servicing after work is completed?

Absolutely. We would love to assist our clients even after initially helping them. Simply schedule a consultation so that we can go over long term plans.

Can I get a grant to start my business? 

Generally, grants are awarded to non-profit organizations, intended to impact the community. However, the possibilities are endless with We Wr;te. Schedule a consultation and lets talk.

Where are you located?

We are located at 20 S 3rd Suite 206
Columbus, OH 43215.