Our variety of services adhere to non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs and small corporations the same. Whether your non-profit organization needs help executing a project or you need a guide to conduct market research, we have a service to suit your need.

What We Do


We'll Map Out a Solid Budget For Any Business Size

Partnership Development

Our Program Will Connect you With our Trusted Partners

Grant Research/
Data Analysis

We Ensure the Grant You're Looking to Receive is Right for You

Program Development

We are Here to Ensure you Have a Solid Plan Moving Forward

Grant Writing

We offer three levels of grant writing to suit your company's needs. Our bronze and silver packages provide two submissions. Our gold package, our most effective package, provides up to four submissions.

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Nonprofit Incorporating

As you plan your organization, you need to know when to incorporate the nonprofit. The decision has two factors: whether you should register as a nonprofit corporation in your state, and when, between concept and execution, to start with government paperwork.

At We Wr;te, we will help make you through deciding whether this option is the best for your company. Our job is to ensure that your nonprofit is set up effectively and pain free so you can focus on what you do best for your company.


“We Wr;te has an amazing team who is dedicated to positioning your business the right way.”

REBECCA thomas, business owner

“I couldn't be happier with how We Wr;te took care of my business during the restructuring of my company.”

Alfred morgan, business owner

“I originally thought I needed an LLC for my business. However, We Wr;te showed me why a nonprofit was a better long term fit for my company!”

Dann smith, business owner