Grant Writing

Grant Writing doesn't have to be a painful experience for a business owner. At We Wr;te, we take the burden off your hands to give you peace of mind.

The Process

With entrepreneurship growing at an accelerated rate, having the appropriate funds for your business to be successful is very important. While a traditional business loan can help a business grow, it does come with risk. In addition to risk, not everyone may qualify for a traditional business loan

An effective alternative to loans to grow a business are grants. There are numerous grants available to small businesses to help start and grow their business. The challenge many may face with grants are that it requires a lot of work to receive funding, causing many organizations to disregard grants all together.

At We Wr;te, we take on the workload for you so you can focus on your business, giving you a peace of mind throughout the process. Our consultations will identify your needs for your company and provide us an opportunity to provide a sound solution to help you get started and/or grow.

The Result

This year, 2020, We Wr;te has collectively obtained $2.1 million dollars in business funding for 37 small businesses and 19 entrepreneurs.

We have also assisted 14 minority owned small businesses with entity filing and tax status filing.